25N : International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

In 1993, the UN General Assembly defined, for the first time, violence against women and highlighted the existence of a systematized social scourge that ends our freedom and our lives. At that moment, a violence that, by no means, started that same year, began to become visible. For centuries, women have been belittled, mistreated and murdered. Why? Because they are women.

Twenty or so years later, in Spain, the number of male chauvinist murders began to be counted.And before that? And in all the countries of the world where we are still not counted? And the rest of the violence, these do not exist? Why are they not mentioned?

The violence that women suffer is so normalized and invisible that it is not even considered something to be counted and taken into account. It is important to understand why this happens: there is a structured and institutionalized protection for abusers. There is a normalization of economic, labor, institutional and psychological discrimination against women. And this violence is suffered daily, all over the planet, by half of the population: women. 🌍

It is time to say enough is enough. We demand governments to act. We demand that discrimination is made visible and that action is taken. We demand that the aggressors be condemned legally, socially and publicly. So that they understand once and for all that women ARE RESPECTED. We will say it as many times as necessary, we will shout united that NOT ONE MORE, that WE WANT US ALIVE, until it becomes a reality! ♀️💪

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