8M | For you, for me, for everyone

The UN has pointed out in this 2021 the need to make women visible as leaders in the face of Covid-19, emphasizing the fundamental role we face with this disease. We are on the frontline, but not only as caregivers or health workers, but also as effective and exemplary researchers and scientists. Our voices and decisions are important, our empowerment as professionals and leaders, too.

Gender-based violence has increased in this global pandemic. According to the Government Delegation against Gender Violence, in the first two weeks of April 2020 alone there were 48% more calls to 016 than in the first two weeks of the previous month, before total confinement.

In addition, there has also been an increase in unpaid domestic work, care work, unemployment and therefore poverty. We cannot allow those obstacles that we are still struggling with to return with more force, to be left in the background with tasks marked only by the patriarchal system.

This year it will be more difficult to mobilize and take to the streets, but this will not stop us from continuing to work for and with all of us. With or without Covid-19, patriarchy is still present and with it our oppression.

Neither today nor at any other time will we take a step back. For you, for me, for each and every one of us we will continue our struggle this 8M